The nature in Utsjoki offers you great experiences in all four seasons. In summertime salmon fishing being the biggest thing. Not least for Teno being Europe’s most productive salmon river. Fishing in the lakes and the Arctic sea are also very popular. Paistunturi and Kaldoaivi wilderness areas are hiker’s dream. Kevo national park is also near by.

There are also shorter, marked paths which you can catch straight from Lomatärppi cabins. Those are suitable for day trips and for those who are not so experienced with wilderness.

First frosty nights in the middle of September bring out the autumn colours. Many say that this is the most beautiful time of the year. Take a trip to the fjells. Unbeliavable colours and scenery. Set up open fire and enjoy total quietness and peace.

With winter comes the total darkness (Kaamos in Finnish). The sun never rises above the horizon for almost two months (25.11.-17.1.). This also has to experienced. Why not spend a different Christmas at Lomatärppi? Our Santa brings your presents with real reindeer and sled.

In springtime the skiing is at its best. The sun has come up and its remarkably warmer. Fjells are calling for skiers. Don’t forget your suntan lotion. You can get sunburn easily as sun reflects from the totally white snow.

For those who have not tried, ice fishing is the thing you have to experience. We organize any kind of trip you like, from shorter few hour trips to longer trips in the fjells. The best season for ice fishing is from middle of march to middle of may. Arctic char, trout and grayling being the fish to catch.

Lomatärppi activities

We organize activities as follows. Also ask about other possibilities.


In summer

Fishing trip up to the fells: Lake Harjusjärvi

Fishing trip up to the fells: Lake Rautujärvi

Arctic Fells of Lapland by jeep

Kayaking trip on River Teno from Yläköngäs to Utsjoki

Kayaking trip on River Teno from Utsjoki to Vetsikko

King crab safaris and fishing trips to the Arctic Ocean

Boat trip from Lake Mantojärvi to Tsarssi waterfalls

In winter

Reindeer Safari

Husky Safari

Snowmobile Safari (Day time or night time to see Northern lights)

Snowmobile Safari with ice fishing in Arctic wilderness