Hiking in the fjells in the summertime gives you the true connection with Laplands true and special nature. In Utsjoki the sun never sets between May 16 and July 29. Hiking in the fjells in the middle of the night while sun is shining, how does that sound!!

In the middle of September comes the first frosty nights. Then starts a period what many people say is the most beautiful season in Lapland. The autumn colours fill the nature. This is the thing you have to experience.

After your day(s) in the nature you’ll find Lomatärppi cabins an excellent base. Open fire and true Finnish sauna are waiting for you after your hike.

Hiking possibilities are enormous. Right from Lomatärppi you catch the Paistunturi wilderness area (1570 km2). Inside Paistunturi area is Kevo national reserve with its famous canyon. Kaldoaivi wilderness area (2924 km2) is also very near. There are also many shorter,marked paths which you can catch straight from our cabins.

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